Les activities de la routine quotidienne!

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Activity I: How well do you know the reflexive verbs? Here are links to three tasks that you have to finish.  Matching: https://www.quia.com/mc/1657127.html Word search:  https://www.quia.com/ws/1657127.html Concentration: https://www.quia.com/cc/1657127.html Activity II 1- Reflexive practice: …

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La maison – Pratique en ligne.

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Les pièces de la maisonChez moi interactive listening activité Online PracticeBienvenue chez moi-interactiveLes meubles-interactive Online PracticeMorpion-interactive Online PracticeJe déménage-interactive Online PracticeJe change le décor-interactive Online PracticeJe fais tout ça chez…

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En pleine forme

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N'oublie pas!To tell someone a specific part of your body hurts, you use the structure "avoir mal à". Don't forget that le and les contract with à, while la and…

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Useful Links

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Practice your alphabet:http://phonetique.free.fr/alpha/epel1.htmhttp://phonetique.free.fr/alpha/epel2.htmhttp://phonetique.free.fr/alpha/epel3.htmhttp://phonetique.free.fr/alpha/epel4.htmListen to the words and type them in the blanks:http://peinturefle.free.fr/lexique/exalpha.htmFrench Education ConjugaisonConjugaisonCartes de Conjugaison Practice your conjugation!Audiovisual Stories(Bookbox.com)Il était une histoireDialogues Textbook ConnectionFrench I Link to Textbook resourcesFrench II…

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